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Here are the most common Questions about our Software, and their answers too...


I get a "File DLL HHCTRL.OCX not found" error, I'm using Win95.

You're using Windows 95, without the IE4 Shell Updates. Get Microsoft's HTML-Help update, available as part of MSIE4 with Shell Updates, or as a 462KB file, "hhupd.exe".

I get an exception "EResNotFound"

A freak accident on internationalizing iView, only caused with danish versions of Windows.
Delete "iview.da" from your iView directory. If you want danish language in iView, version 2.4 and above supports it. Other languages will follow when we find someone to translate for us

I've associated *.BMP or *.JPG to iView, how do I restore the normal associations?

You can open up the program you normally use, and see if it has an option for associating files.
If that doesn't work, use Explorer to find a picture, select the file by clicking it once, then hold down the Shift key while clicking the Right mousebutton (or the Left one if you're not right-handed). Now select the "Open With..." menu item, which will bring up a dialog. Find the program you usually use and select it (or use the "Other..." button). Make sure the check-box is checked, and select OK. Now you should have restored your normal association.
(This will be fixed in the next version)

Why isn't iView translated to German / Spanish / Czech / Japanese etc. ?

Because No-one have volunteered to make a translation yet :) (A German version might be on its way, and iView already comes with Danish language support)

iView got four COWS at TUCOWS

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