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Yes, we also do Webdesigns!

You can choose between several types of relatively inexpensive pre-designed templates for your website, or to have us design a unique personnal website after your specifications.

The pre-designed pages are targeted at private / small business use, with a tight budget, while the custom-designed pages will suit bigger compagnies, which have specific preferences about their site.

JograData produces websites to promote your business, product or service
• We are local designers operating in your business area
• Business logo design service also available
• We listen and design to meet your specific business requirements
We also believe that you as a business owner or manager has the best skillset to successfully market your own business so a lot of the content of the site will be created by you and simply pieced together for the creation of the site. Businesses need simple and affordable web sites To promote products and services most businesses, big or small need a professional web site. Research reveals that 67% consumers use the internet for initial searches for products or services. How many of your customers are heading a block down the road to buy their goods?

You are welcome to contact us by E-mail, tell us about what you want (i.e. approximate number of pages, type of business, do you need maintainance and so on), and we'll contact you with an offer.

Anything amiss?? Have no fear... The Webmaster is here!!